Powerful Strategic Planning

Business Evolutions Can Help Your Business Succeed

Kathy Darwin, the owner of Business Evolutions, leverages her years of expertise, support, and coaching skills to create a successful implementation structure for your Strategic Plan. Offering strategic planning and development services, Kathy can help you grow your business, develop its members, and create actionable plans and strategies for your products and services.

Located in Albuquerque, NM, Business Evolution works with many organizations to help them define a direction, process, and product. Her Strategic Maximizer™ planning tool helps teams and companies focus on identification, implementation, and overall goal and strategy evaluation to produce measurable results. You can also view some samples of Business Evolutions’ strategic planning resources.

Kathy’s Specialties Include:

Team & Leadership Development
Curriculum Design
Process Management
Strategic Planning

Kathy has many years of experience in sales, leadership, service, quality management, and process evaluation:

  • 34 Years of Service Industry Experience
  • 30 Years of Sales and Sales Leadership Experience
  • 27 Years of Financial Industry Experience
  • 17 Years Quality Management & Process Evaluation Experience
  • 15 Years of Experience in Strategic Planning
  • Customized Curriculum Design & Facilitation Experience
Kathy Darwin

Complete List of Services

Download a PDF listing of Kathy’s Training and Development Programs, and see what Business Evolutions can do to transform and strategize your company.